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Simplify AEC Project Management


AEC Project Managers

SKYSITE can be set up to flexibly meet almost any AEC project workflow, in a deadline-driven environment where employees are required to do more with less, SKYSITE makes teams more responsive

Eliminate time-consuming searches for documents. Spend less time collecting, organizing and disseminating project files. Reduce communication delays by creating a central, secure online information repository for your projects.

Every team member can view the right document, download the necessary plans, locate the right resource and gain quick insight into tasks and timelines. Done in minutes, whenever they want. With SKYSITE, projects start faster.


Cost Effective

Remote projects can be managed with less travel. Easy access to critical project documents means project teams spend less time waiting for document updates. Face-to-face meetings become optional. Waiting times for documents are reduced through fast trackable downloads.

Decrease delays by enabling digital shipping of project updates. No overnight shipping required. With SKYSITE, project teams spend more time working on the project and less time on administrative tasks.

With Additional features like document check in-out, version control and dashboard project views, SKYSITE makes using FTP, e-mail and spreadsheets to manage projects obsolete.


Easy To Learn

SKYSITE can be used by the entire project team with minimal training. With Outlook integration, users can do all their team collaboration with e-mail. Virtual or remote, team members simply need an internet connection to read, edit, markup and share almost any project document.


Pure Cloud Collaboration

A cloud collaboration application that helps project teams share information more efficiently. Project Managers increase team productivity, coordination and accountability by replacing inefficient and limited project management tool like FTP, e-mail and spreadsheets with a cost-effecting and easy-to-use project management tool.


  • Project Portal

    A project portal for easy team collaboration.

  • Outlook Integration

    Outlook integration captures relevant email communication.

  • Project Dashboard

    Quick dashboard views on the status of your projects.

  • Team Networking

    Easily capture and catalog team communication.

  • Notifications

    Easy and effective distribution of project information.

  • Direct Publish

    Files are easy to manage, retrieve and distribute.

  • File Viewer

    Expensive applications are not required to view important files.

  • Markup and Redline

    Online edits and changes are easy and tracking revisions is automatic.

  • Version Control

    New files versions are automatically tracked and distributed.

  • Check In/Out

    Get a complete history of file check ins and check outs.

  • Change Control

    Important files can be locked from editing.

  • Project Accountability

    Automate activity tracking and create audit trails.

  • Project Calendar

    Synchronize tasks with the project team automatically.

  • Tasks

    Easily automate team tasks and activities.

  • Project Images

    Track project progress via image archives.

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